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Immersive London Course

Dive into London's vibrant culture with our immersive 7-day English course!

Our Immersive London Course takes place several times a year and it includes a combination of classes to work on your goals as well as activities in the beautiful city of London, which also happens to be my hometown!

Join our small group of international learners for an unforgettable experience blending language learning, cultural exploration, and pure fun! This is not just a language course, but a journey of discovery and personal growth in one of the world's most dynamic cities.

What you can expect


Daily Classes

Brush up on grammar, expand your vocabulary, or practice conversational skills with dynamic lessons led by me.


City Visits

Explore iconic landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and many more, while putting your English skills to use in real-life situations


Small International Group

Forge friendships with fellow learners from around the world, creating lifelong bonds as you navigate London and this course together


Immersive Experience

Immerse yourself in London's rich history and diverse culture during these 7 days, and get a better understanding of how British people speak and live


Exclusive Activities

From pub nights to street markets, our jam-packed itinerary ensures you experience the best of London's entertainment scene


Have Fun

One thing that we put a lot of emphasis on is that this course is also meant to be fun. We want you to enjoy your time and have a positive experience! 

and so much more!

Some memories from our past courses

Upcoming Course Dates


Immersive Summer Course

London is a city that is always magical - but there is something even more enchanting about it when it is sunny and warm!

If you want to see London come alive and experience different things, from pop up shops to street festivals, then this is your perfect opportunity! 

21st July - 27th July 2024

  • This is an adult's course aimed at people that are 18+ years old

  • Do not worry about your level - after the course you will feel more comfortable when speaking English, no matter what!

  • This is a week of fun, learning and creating positive memories

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Ready to make memories, master English and fall in love with London?


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*The English Life Academy members receive a 15% discount on all courses (including our Immersive London Course)

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