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Small group class

Small & Personalised Group Courses

Improve your English

Since the very beginning, I have been focused on teaching English in a fun and dynamic way.  Join me and other like-minded students in improving yourself and your English in more ways than one. The groups have a maximum of 4 students, all with the same level and goal. This makes the learning process smooth and stress-free.

Group classes: Publications

Intermediate/Upper Intermediate/Advanced Course

Regular start dates

The main aim of this course is to help you feel more fluent, we do that by expanding your vocabulary, reinforcing grammar knowledge and sharpening up your pronunciation.  I currently offer courses from B1-C2 with the C2 course being one of the most advanced and complete courses available anywhere.  The course is 14 classes long, each class is one hour and we have 2 classes a week.  I plan all of the classes myself to make them as detailed and useful for each student as possible.  Each course has a maximum of 4 students.


British Pronunciation Course

Regular start dates

This course focuses completely on improving your pronunciation.  As I am from London, England, all of the teaching I give you is based upon the British pronunciation.  This course consists of 15-one hour classes.  2 classes a week.  I will take you through these classes step by step to help you improve your British pronunciation.  This is our focus.  Each course has a maximum of 5 students and new pronunciation courses start very regularly. 


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